Thatching 2008

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La Terrièrre

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September the 1st

           The Thatched Roof has great insulating properties, hence the cottage stays cooler in Summer and retains the heat in Winter. The roof is environmentally friendly and in almost inexhaustible supply—the only downsides are the usage of energy in harvesting and transportation.


           In the UK        Wheat Straw Roof may last 35 years.

                                 Water Reed Roof up to 60 years.


           In Normandy   Water Reed Roof Life expectancy 40+ years


The first of many bundles of Camargue Water Reed arrives.

Monsieur et Madame Lelievre about to start work

The roof at the back is almost complete - considering the unusually poor September weather .. Fantastic progress.

Monsieur Lelievre in action above the outbuilding roof.

Thatched Roof NormandyThatcher

September the 14th

September the 18th

Thatch RoofNormandy CottageThatchingNormandy Thatching

With the improvement in the weather—repair and cosmetic work starts on the front and replacement of the tiled roof ridge. Yes it is Madame Lelievre on the roof !!

thatched cottage

October the 25th

The repairs and all remedial works to the thatched roof are completed.


A frontal view of the completed thatched roof taken early on a beautiful clear cloudless October morning